A Year Ago Today . . .

Back in the Saddle Again

And I'm waaaay tan.

I week at the beach was just what I needed.  I was able to clear my head a bit, and now the clouds aren't quite as heavy as they were before I left.


Three books, one lobster dinner/birthday party (complete with John's traditional lobster hypnosis session, pictured above), the first smoked ribs of the season, a few naps face down in the sand, my longest run so far (plus 3 others), a healthy dose of grilling, visits from Rob, Ali, Bill, Kate & Kira, and great company all around helped out quite a bit with the healing process. 

A week of decompression is great, but an extra day off (today) is excellent, too.  While all of the "real" attorneys are at the firm outing, admin staff (like me) got the day off.  I got to sleep late, hang out with a surprise out of town guest, and play hooky at the movies today, but now, I have to somehow bring myself back into gear so that I'm ready for tomorrow.

Did you miss me?

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