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I Made the Empire State Building Disappear

So I tried to take a picture of the Empire State Building on my way home tonight -- the way the light was hitting it made it look almost fake, like part of a movie set.  Apparently, my camera phone sucks -- you can't even see it at all.

I'm home tonight packing for an extra-long weekend at the beach house.  We're having our second annual pig roast (pictures from last year are here).  I've apparently been given the honor of singing the Star Spangled Banner while the pig is being carved.  [Note to family: probably not as high-pressure as some of my other Star Spangled Banner performances]

The 4th is also my brother and sister's 25th birthday, so a happy early birthday to Bill & Katie!  Have a great weekend, everyone.  Anyone got any good cookout plans (or pig roasting tips)?

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