What Goes Around Comes Around
Viva Mexico!

Burgers Galore

GreenchiliburgerAfter a very long day on Friday, Jenn came over for dinner.  We shared a good bottle of wine, some olive tapenade from my night with Ted Allen, and I made what was quite possibly the worst pizza I've ever made.  I'm going to blame it on the fact that I didn't let the dough sit out at room temperature long enough, although it could have just been me.

Despite the rain on Saturday, I mangaged to go to the gym get a haircut, do some errands, watch Mean Girls, and eventually made it out to the Burger Bash.  My favorite was the green chili cheeseburger (pictured), but I also tasted the Motz burger (named after George Motz, burger documentarian), the Guber burger (with peanut butter -- odd), and the butter burger (a.k.a. coronary on a bun).  Pics are up on flickr.  I'm looking forward to visiting Water Taxi Beach on a sunny day sometime -- they've got a great view of the city!

Today I met Mom & Stephen for brunch at Prune (after the gym, of course), and I've thrown in a couple of loads of laundry, etc.  All in all, a fine weekend.  Now, a quiet night in to gear up for a hectic week.

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