You Know You're Old When
I Know, I Know . . .


Well, I had quite the movie-filled weekend.  I started out with the X-Men on Friday night (my first exposure to an X-Men film) for tons of action, effects, and explosions; then on to An Inconvenient Truth on Saturday, for a bit of consciousness-raising; and finishing with Keeping Up With the Steins on Sunday, to keep in touch with my heritage. 

Other highlights of the weekend included late night karaoke at Planet Rose with Manhattan Transfer and others who kept me out way past my bedtime, delicious dinner at Frankie's with Jenn (if you haven't been there yet, you should go), dinner with Mom & Stephen (I really need to have dinner parties more often), a picnic in Central Park with Erika, and shopping with Roopa.  All in all, a relaxing, well-rounded, fun holiday weekend, despite the lack of barbecues.

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