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I Know, I Know . . .

I haven't been writing as much here as I used to.  It's not that I'm not still busy, because I am.  It's true that the number of jackass stories has dwindled dramatically as compared to last year (thankfully). 

GotfoodThe main reason I haven't been writing as much these days is because we've kicked up the pace over at Gothamist Food.  I have to make sure there are two to three food posts up every day -- not all written by me, mind you, but it still takes quite a bit of time and energy.  If you haven't already visited, please check it out -- and let me know that you've stopped by.  Leave a comment, click on "recommend" a the bottom of the posts (it makes us feel loved), or just shoot me an email.  If you want to read just the posts I've written, you can do that too.  347 and counting (will be at least 349 and more likely 350 before the end of the week)! 


Well, I had quite the movie-filled weekend.  I started out with the X-Men on Friday night (my first exposure to an X-Men film) for tons of action, effects, and explosions; then on to An Inconvenient Truth on Saturday, for a bit of consciousness-raising; and finishing with Keeping Up With the Steins on Sunday, to keep in touch with my heritage. 

Other highlights of the weekend included late night karaoke at Planet Rose with Manhattan Transfer and others who kept me out way past my bedtime, delicious dinner at Frankie's with Jenn (if you haven't been there yet, you should go), dinner with Mom & Stephen (I really need to have dinner parties more often), a picnic in Central Park with Erika, and shopping with Roopa.  All in all, a relaxing, well-rounded, fun holiday weekend, despite the lack of barbecues.

You Know You're Old When

You spend a decent chunk of a phone conversation with a friend talking about your daily fiber intake and its . . . well . . . impacts.

I will admit, though, in addition to keeping up the fitness routine (since mid-December in case anyone's keeping track -- you should see my biceps these days!), I'm all about the fiber and the healthy digestive tract lately.  For breakfast lately, I've been making kefir, berry and banana smoothies with ground flaxseed and a dash of pomegranate juice followed by a Gnu Flavor & Fiber bar.  So I've got the "healthy" bacteria plus about 50% of my RDA of soluble fiber in one shot. 

When did I become my grandmother?!?

100 Grand


Okay, so I'm a little late, but I wanted to err on the safe side (if we're really counting accurately, I'm up around 101,968 visits including those from before I started using sitemeter).  Either way, I'm over the 100,000 visit mark, which is pretty exciting.  Thanks to all of you who stop by!


So apparently according to my mom, the old picture had to go.  Via an email today: "I think it’s time for a new picture of you on your blog – that smile is starting to annoy me.  You need to evoke a different persona once in a while."

Well, mom, still smiling here, but now I'm being glamorous.  Better?  Worse?  Maybe I need something artsy and mysterious?

A Little Erotica, A Little Porn

I finally managed to make it to Rachel's In the Flesh reading series after several months of scheduling conflicts.  Although I certainly enjoyed the readings/performances, my favorite part of the evening was seeing so many people whom I hadn't seen in way too long (okay, there are probably more links, but I was getting lazy there).  Other highlights of my week included my now semi-regular Tuesday night kickboxing class (take that, stress!), drinks and crudo at Dona, a Hillary Clinton fundraiser, and the first summer associate event of the summer.  Tonight was all about a hot date with my couch, some Pio Maya chicken mole leftovers and a tape of last night's Top Chef.  I'm about to top that off by curling up in bed with some hot porn -- food porn, that is (the new Bon Appetit was in my mailbox today).  At least I know I'll have sweet dreams (bad pun fully intended, of course).

Feed Me

So some of you may have been getting sporadic email updates from Bloglet at times when I updated this site.  As you probably know, Bloglet has been incredibly unreliable lately; I've gotten comments from friends that they hadn't gotten an update in weeks and they were worried that I had cut them off.  It wasn't me, I swear.  Last week, I switched my email subscription service to FeedBlitz - you'll notice the new subscription box on the side.  Coincidentally, I got this email from Bloglet this morning:

Bloglet began as a hobby of mine to help manage the random blogs I'd read on a daily basis. This was back when words like "blog" and "rss" had yet to enter most people's vocabulary. Now "blogs" are being mentioned on the Daily Show, but Bloglet still remains a hobby. It's obvious that I don't have the time to turn this hobby into something that offers a fair level of service to users. On the other hand, Phil and the team over at Feedblitz has been doing a great job building their blog-to-email product into a viable service. They've even built a Bloglet-to-Feedblitz converter. I recommend that any current users of Bloglet give them a try.

So here's the deal.  If you were a Bloglet subscriber, I tried to import you.  If you have gotten a FeedBlitz email update, you're in good shape and you don't have to do anything.  If not, I mistakenly thought your email was spam and you'll have to resubscribe (oddly, there were a bunch of spam emails that "subscribed" to the Bloget update).  So -- let me know how it works, if you have any questions, etc.  And enjoy the new feed update!

I Turned Around And . . .

I listen to NPR in the morning.  All week they've had their pledge drive (which has creepily crept into my dreams), and they are offering a New Yorker subscription as a thank you gift for a $120 pledge.  Since I do, in fact, read the New Yorker, I thought to myself, wow, what a convenient thank you gift for those of us who listen to NPR and read the New Yorker.  Later that morning as I tucked my New Yorker into my bag and turned off NPR, to which I had been listening all morning, I thought, wow, I've turned into my Dad (NPR listener, New Yorker reader) without even thinking about it.