To the Beach!

I Know, I Know . . .

I haven't been writing as much here as I used to.  It's not that I'm not still busy, because I am.  It's true that the number of jackass stories has dwindled dramatically as compared to last year (thankfully). 

GotfoodThe main reason I haven't been writing as much these days is because we've kicked up the pace over at Gothamist Food.  I have to make sure there are two to three food posts up every day -- not all written by me, mind you, but it still takes quite a bit of time and energy.  If you haven't already visited, please check it out -- and let me know that you've stopped by.  Leave a comment, click on "recommend" a the bottom of the posts (it makes us feel loved), or just shoot me an email.  If you want to read just the posts I've written, you can do that too.  347 and counting (will be at least 349 and more likely 350 before the end of the week)! 

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