Blasts from the Past
Too Busy

Dreaming of Truffles and a Clean Apartment

I didn't take any pictures at the Gothamist/Slice pizza party at Fornino last night because I was too busy enjoying the outstanding truffle pizza -- a white pie with mozzarella and fontina cheeses, generously topped with shaved black truffles and garlicky truffle oil. Thinking about it still makes me drool.  Check out Flickr for others' pictures.  This morning I left my apartment in the capable hands of Brenda from Zen Home Cleaning -- I can't wait to see the results when I get home tonight after Chinatown dinner with the siblings -- probabaly Vietnamese at Nha Trang.

UPDATE: seem to have caught the plague so stayed home and had a hot date with a bowl of soup, puffs with lotion and Airborne.  But -- all the better to enjoy my super-clean apartment!!!

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