The Picture is Crappy, but . . .
Dreaming of Truffles and a Clean Apartment

Blasts from the Past

This weekend was all about catching up with old friends -- Friday night I had dinner with law school classmates (and some of their respective spouses) and Saturday night I hung out with high school friends.  After dinner on Saturday we came back to my apartment to play a rousing game of Asshole (which I hadn't played since college) while listening to one of my taped mixes from 1986 -- the kind I taped off the radio (WLIR, of course).

I also spent a great deal of the weekend purging some of the crap lying around my apartment in preparation for the cleaning service I've got scheduled to come tomorrow -- I can't wait!

Finally, I visited the new Trader Joe's in Union Square.  It was still a bit too crowded for my taste, and the selection was somewhat odd, but the prices were very appealing -- I'm sure I'll be back. 

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