Catching Up Yet Again
You Know Your Hotel is Swanky When

Apparently It's Time . . .

for me to move to Brooklyn.  Why?  Because in one evening between the hours of 7 and 10:30, I not only got to see the folks I came out there to see -- Jonathan, Jen and a sleeping Oscar and Doug and Leora, but I ran into not one but two people I know.  First Rich, who I bumped into as he was coming out of a store on 5th Avenue, and then Todd, when he and his girlfriend were seated next to us at Franny's (which was quite tasty, for the record).

Well, I'm not making any major life decisions today and my lease doesn't run out until October or thereabouts, so for now, at least, I'm staying put.

Except that I'm off to DC until Saturday night for my annual pro bono pilgrimage, although this is the first year that I am actually staying at the hotel that the conference is in rather than with my friend Christopher (who I'll be seeing in NY on Sunday when he's visiting, so it's okay).

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