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Catching Up Again

Time to catch up, but first of all, if you haven't said hello yet, please do -- I'm truly enjoying everyone's comments!

Let's see.  Last week I went to a press party at Xing and it was like food blogger central -- Augie came with me and I met Ben from Eater, the guys from NYC Nosh, and schmoozed with two of the guys from Thrillist (not exactly a food blog, and not exactly a blog, but fun guys regardless).  My pictures didn't come out that well, unfortunately -- I put a few on flickr but the rest kind of suck.

Thursday was a night in and Friday I went to dinner at Lavagna, a cozy Italian restaurant in the East Village, with my stepmom, aunt, cousin, sister and brother.  I think my favorite dishes that evening were the seared scallops agrodolce with pancetta over parsnip puree and the papardelle with rabbit ragu.  Afterwards, I met up with Jen, Carolyn, and ultimately Emilia -- we started at Perbacco, but it was so crowded that we ended up at Otto (big shock there).  Of course Jon and David were there, but I exercised a bit of restraint in not joining them as they went to Reservoir for their next stop of the evening.

Saturday morning I met up with Hallie for spin class and then headed home to receive my Fresh Direct order (love, love, love the convenience) and pack for my "trip."  My V-Day present was a Brooklyn day -- a night at B&B on the Park and reservations for dinner at The Grocery (we had the chef's tasting menu -- more on that later).  Although it seems somewhat laughable for two Manhattanites to vacation for a night in Brooklyn, it was really the perfect getaway.

Sunday I met up with Kim, John B., Matty Z., Chip, April, Monique, Jenn & Scott for ice skating in Prospect Park.  Sadly, I remember being much better at ice skating that I am now -- at first I chalked it up to my rental skates, which seemed to have blades duller than a plastic butter knife, but even after swapping skates, I was pretty lame.  Someday I'd like to try on some freshly sharpened skates and see how I do because I swear I used to be able to skate backwards and whatnot without fear of mortal peril.  It seems the ground is much farther away these days.  We ended up back at Kim's for hot mulled cider and watched the olympics -- I think I got my fill of ice dancing for the next decade, thank you very much.  Finally, I headed home to watch last week's Grey's Anatomy that Mark had ever-so-kindly taped for me.  I am such a sap that it actually made me cry.  Oy.

Today's excitement includes paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning up, and heading in to the office for a few hours just to catch up.  Sounds fun, right?

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