And the Winner is . . .
Jackass Denoument

Nerd Alert

I got my hot new laptop this weekend.  I've had my previous computer for about six years -- it was time for it to go, but it has served me well.  With my return to the corporate world came a return of a lovely phenomenon which I had all but forgotten -- the end-of-the-year bonus.  Laptop, here I come. 

My new baby arrived on Friday, but I hadn't gotten to spend any quality time alone with it until last night.  I was up until 2 AM with RCN (my internet provider) and Netgear (who makes my router) figuring out why the hell my wireless internet access wasn't working.  I have learned that apparently my cordless phone and my router can't play nice in the sandbox together.  Guess my phone's days are numbered.  Now I have to unplug my phone in order to get online, but here I am.  Grrr.

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