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I was berated by a friend, colleague, and blog reader when I told him I hoped that 2006 would be a jackass-free year.  "But what about your readers?!"  he lamented, "What about our entertainment?"  Never fear, I'm sure I'll find something else to write about that will be equally entertaining.  If I don't encounter any jackasses this year (hell, it's still January, I've got plenty of time), I'll solicit your stories and we can all vote on the best. 

This has been another super-busy week, but full of good eating -- will fill you in later.  The good news is that I think I've solved my internet connectivity problems, and am falling head over heels in love with my laptop -- I simply adore being able to write while sitting on my couch!  I can just imagine how thrilled I'll be when I actually leave the house with this thing . . .

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