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Shapin' Up

I used to be in much better shape than I am now.  Merely a few short years ago, I participated in several long distance bike rides, and training for these rides meant not only spending a majority of my weekends on a bike, but also going to spinning and weight training classes before work every day.  Even after the cycling season was over, I'd keep up with the spinning and weight training, and I even became quite flexible by doing yoga at least once a week.  At that time, I belonged to New York Sports Club.  It's nothing fancy, but it's everywhere.  Near work, near home, near wherever you have dinner plans -- there's a NYSC.  About a year ago, I gave up NYSC for the convenience of the gym in my building.  Granted, it's amazing to have that convenience on a cold winter's day when bundling up to go to the gym just a few blocks away seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but in reality, I just don't push myself as hard as I do in the classes at NYSC.  Since I re-joined on Friday evening, I went to a spin class before brunch at Five Points with the girls on Saturday, I went to Vinyasa Yoga on Sunday before some holiday shopping and my one meal of the day (brunner?) at Babbo (more on that soon -- it was my first visit), and went to a body sculpting class during lunchtime today.  Tomorrow is spinning again, either before work or during lunch.  I'm a little tired, and I already know that my shoulders will be sore tomorrow, but I feel good.   For me, the classes really help me to motivate.  Although I worked out often in my gym downstairs, I didn't work out hard, which is what I need.  So -- who's up for a spin?

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