On My New Commute . . .

  • I stopped to say hi to Rick at the Greenmarket in "condiment alley," where he told me that he met someone I know while DJing in his silk pajamas at a bar in the East Village last weekend (does this ring any bells to anyone?).
  • I noticed some very beautiful buildings on 19th between Irving and Third, several with mosaic tiles and a few with NY Public library-esque mini-lions (or other creatures) out front.
  • I fell even more deeply in love with my now-antique iPod (and its shuffle function).

I've decided that "An Open Letter to NYC" by the Beastie Boys is the perfect song to hear on your walk to work on a crisp sunny day during the transit strike.  Other favorite parts of my commuting soundrack included "Rapture" by Blondie and "All in a Day" by Joe Strummer and the Mescalaros.  I'm sure if I were more of a techno-dork I could figure out how to link to clips of each of those songs . . . any hints from the dorks experts out there?

And by the way, I have kept up with my gym regimen on top of my walking to and from work for the past two days, so I'm a bit pooped at the moment.  Off to bed for me.

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