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If you read this blog on any even semi-regular basis, you know that I love food.  Not only does it make me happy in many ways and serve as a focus for many of my social gatherings, but it also saves many of those in my life from exposure to some major crankiness.  Reading this article in the New York Times yesterday made me think of so many instances in my life when just having a snack made all the difference between being bitchy, cranky, and snappy and being my rather pleasant, normal self.  I firmly believe that it is always helpful to carry a "cranky snack" around if you suffer from the same affliction -- I often tuck away small baggies of nuts or easily packable fruit leather -- nibbling on a few almonds can return sanity when it has slipped away due to hunger. 

When Nathan and I moved in together*, we went to Ikea to shop for a dining table.  It was clear very quickly that we had two completely different ideas about what we were looking for: I wanted a table that could expand to fit more people for all the dinner parties we were going to have; he wanted something as cheap as possible.  If it wasn't for the Ikea cafeteria and their Swedish meatballs, we probably wouldn't have made it through that shopping trip (he gets rather cranky when he gets hungry), let alone through well over a year of living together.

Come to think of it, I'm kind of hungry now .  .  .

* John B. was kind enough to point out that I made it sound like Nathan and I are currently living together.  We're not.  That was right after law school -- 1997.  We're still friends, though!

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