The Big One

Dem Bones

At one point, I was convinced that ribs were the perfect food for a first date.  Why?  Well, if I can't get messy eating with someone, they're probably not the right person for me.  Every time I eat ribs I think about this, whether I'm on a date or not.  This weekend's ribs were at Blue Smoke, with Mark, Nicole, Ward, and Rob (who was oddly excited about the prospect of being mentioned on a blog).  Before the actual rib-gnawing began, I introduced the group to Blue Smoke's fantastic sidecars (thanks as always to John B. for introducing them to me), and then the carnage began. 

Saturday included a trip to the gym with Katie (which included Ali's torture devices), some holiday shopping, and dinner with the girls from the beach house at Lima's Peruvian Taste (which was somewhat hit or miss -- skip the sangria, it's way too sweet).  Katie and I had thought that we were in for a relatively mellow evening, but no.  We ended up at Lisa's holiday soiree, followed by a requisite stop at Otto, and finished out with general ridiculousness at Automatic Slim's.

Yesterday, I spent the day enjoying the hospitality of others.  Between GirlyNYC's afternoon get-together and Augie's experiments in breadbaking, I enjoyed stellar company, interesting conversation, and excellent food all day before falling into bed early. 

This is shaping up to be another crazy busy week -- between the holiday events and social plans I'll be sneaking in the rest of my holiday shopping, making toffee, and taking care of the holiday tipping.  I'm thinking of it as the storm before the calm -- I'll be on vacation next week.  Can't wait! 

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