Go Team!


In the comments of my last post, Kris asked if I cook supremely.  I'm not sure I cook supremely (you'll have to ask people who have tasted my cooking -- any comments from the peanut gallery?), but I do cook.  In fact, every time I cook I realize that I don't cook as often as I'd like to.  Why?  Well, first of all, my kitchen is on the small side.  Not bad for a New York apartment, but certainly not spacious.  I like cooking and eating with friends, and although I can just about squeeze in one other person to chop something while I'm at the stove, I can't really cook with someone.  In my dream kitchen I'll have a big island where friends can sip wine, nibble, and chop things while I'm doing the same.  Now, I just have people sit in chairs near the kitchen so I don't feel left out.  Second, it's really not that easy to cook for one.  Yes, you can cook a large amount and end up with leftovers for lunch and whatnot, which is a good thing (although I have recently met someone who doesn't eat leftovers.  At all.  I find this very odd.), but sometimes I just end up with a little too much for one meal, but not quite enough for two.  Tonight I made simple steamed mussels with white wine, garlic, and chili flakes -- it would have been a perfect meal for two with a salad.  It was too much for just me, and I didn't really think the leftovers would keep in this case, so I threw them out.  Such a shame. 

Regardless, I really do want to cook more and eat out less -- just one resolution that I'm trying to start a little early.  I've also gotten a fantastic coffee mug so that I can bring coffee to work in the morning -- resolution number two.  Stay tuned for the next one -- it's a doozy.

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