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The Weekend Wrapup

After the Vendys and a whirlwind of a week, I stayed in Friday night.  I must have been exhausted because I slept for 12 hours.  Saturday I went to the gym, visited the Dosa cart, then headed up to Westchester to spend the afternoon with a group of my high school friends and their kids.  It's quite overwhelming as the one single, childless person the group, but it was great to see everyone.  The kids I had met before had gotten huge!  I've got to tell you though, there's nothing like spending an afternoon with your friends who are married and/or have kids to make you realize that there's absolutely no rush to get there.  All in due time. 

I came back to the city to spend a mellow night with my cousin Sara, who's a sophomore at Barnard.  We went to see Shopgirl (my advice is to wait for the DVD), then had a late night snack at Village Yokocho.  Every time I go there I remember how much I love it.  Late night yakitori, dumplings, and other Japanese small plate dishes.  Mmmm.  After that, I finally took my friend Brian up on his offer to come over and sing karaoke at his apartment.  Brian, who I met through my work at Gothamist (he represents cookbook authors and was with me the night I was out with the author of The Vodka Cookbook), was recently featured in an article in the NYT real estate section -- he's got a karaoke stage in his apartment.  So Sara and I headed over and sang until the wee hours of the night.  Can't wait until next time.

Today I had a delicious brunch at Augie & Lauren's and had about two minutes to breathe before heading out to Brooklyn for Katie's mom's beer stew.  Stuffed, I spent some time cleaning my apartment tonight, gave myself a quick mani/pedi, and am heading upstairs to give Augie a little blog tutorial.  After that it's a good night's sleep before my last session of boot camp.  Woo hoo!

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