Whatcha Doin' Tonight?
The Weekend Wrapup

The Coveted Cup


Not only was the Vendy Awards celebration so much fun, but I spent some time chatting with the AP reporter, who ended up quoting me in an article that's now all over the place.  You can't hear the emphasis ("riDICulous") in the quote, but those of you who know me can surely imagine how I said it.  Apparently there's an NPR piece on Weekend Edition tomorrow, a WNYC piece early next week, and a Food Network piece in January or February.  I'll keep you posted.  Before I head out to Westchester for to see my high school friends and their respective broods (I'm the only single, childless one in the bunch), I'm going to head over to the Dosa Man, one of the finalists, for lunch.  I've been dreaming of his coconut chutney since Thursday night!

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