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The pattern continues:  run myself ragged, catch the plague, rinse, and repeat.  I started to feel a little crummy on Thursday night, but went to bed early.  After a successful inagural pro bono breakfast for the new associates bright and early Friday morning, I made it until mid-afternoon, when the nose-blowing became too disgusting for the office, and the chills began.  I picked up key provisions on the way home (Chinese noodle soup, Puffs with lotion, Airborne, and three DVD's worth of Six Feet Under), and took to the couch.  Thankfully, I still had Jenn's copy of the new Harry Potter to keep me company as well.  I made it out briefly Saturday for my first Pilates session, and wandered through the farmers market (where I took the picture above), but retreated back to the couch and dozed on and off for the rest of the day.  I did manage to make it out to dinner at 'inoteca with Matt, Romy, and the Lovely Miss Katie, followed by a drink at Otto with Rob, Luke and Nic.  Sunday was a bit better, but I'm definitely not up to full speed yet. 

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