The Rules

The Secret is Out

So I'm checking my work email last night, and I get an email from a colleague.  Part of it is pro bono related (which makes sense), but in the second half, she mentions that she heard I was a food writer and asked if I'd be willing to do a column for our internal newsletter -- maybe a review of the cafeteria or a nearby restaurant.  I'm trying to figure out who told her, because I didn't advertise that fact when I was interviewing -- in fact, I think I only told one person.  I guess I know who the leak was, then.  I may just take her up on it -- could be fun!

If you're around this weekend, go to the New Orleans concert at Summerstage this Saturday and shake your booty to the Rebirth Brass and, and don't forget the Blue Crab Festival at Bar Minnow -- let me know how it is, because I want to go next weekend.

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