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The Pig Out and Other Festivities


The Chance house was jam-packed this weekend, but luckily, it was jam-packed with some fun folks.  As usual, we ate well, danced up a storm, and sang at the top of our lungs.  And even though we broke some of NY Mag's rules for how to keep your housemates from hating you (Kelly Clarkson, anyone?)*, we got along just fine.

But one of the major highlights of the weekend was the pig roast.  The caja china did exactly what it should, and the pig turned out tender and juicy with very crispy skin.  John made a mojo, which he injected into the meat, and then essentially there wasn't too much to do while the pig did its thing.  Flipping it over was somewhat of an ordeal, but other than that, it was done in less than five hours.  We didn't have any apples for the pig's mouth, so there was some, um, improvisation in that area.  The black beans and hot sauce, based on recipes from my pig-roasting class, received rave reviews (and thanks to John M. for being my bean consultant), and everything was consumed in record time.

Pictures from the weekend are here, but beware -- there are raw pig photos.  Proceed with caution if you have a week stomach or are a vegetarian.

* Courtesy of Michelle, who pointed out our collective faux pas.

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