Nothing Says "I Love the USA" Like a Pig Roast
The Pig Out and Other Festivities

The Beach and the Blog

Had a wonderful weekend at the beach -- more on that to come.  While we were soaking up the sun on Saturday, there was some discussion about my blog.  I learned that there were others in addition to Nikki who read my blog everyday (like Meg -- hi, Meg!), and some who, although they haven't seen it, are very negative about it (like Rich -- see, no last names!).  A few folks I met for the first time this weekend asked me about it, so I hope they stop by.  As I mentioned to several of them -- I love it when you comment, because then I know you're out there!  I'm going to try to put up the pictures later tonight, and will give a better run down of the pig roast, but boy, am I looking forward to a quiet night at home tonight -- having 20+ roommates for the weekend makes you crave some alone time big time.

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