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Geekin' Out

Not Bad for a Self-Portrait, Huh?


Taken on the rooftop of Daisy May's BBQ, where Adam Perry Lang showed me and Jen his garden.  Not only was he gracious enough to take the time to show us around, but he gave us each a beautiful aromatic bouquet of herbs and lavender to take home and throw in the tub.

A reader commented the other day that he gets tired merely reading about my social life.  Trust me, I'm pretty exhausted by the end of the week, and I sometimes feel like I never leave myself enough time to get everything done that I set out to do.  But that said, I love every minute of it.  Other things I did this week (outside of the new job -- which is going quite well, thank you) that haven't yet made the blog: lunch at Pampano Tacqueria with Christie, dinner with Jenn B. at Diablo Royale, dinner with Ali at Bar Jamon, a very sweaty yoga class, two other trips to the gym for cardio, a little quiet time at home (really, Dad, I swear!).  And tonight, back to the beach.  I'm already getting tired, but at least I know there's a nap on the beach (and hopefully the new hammock that John claims to have put on the deck) in my very near future.

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