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My Universe is Imploding

Sometimes I really do feel like my world is much smaller than I realize.  Over the past few days, I've had so many small world moments.  I discovered that a former work colleague (who now works at a law firm where I had an interview a while back) is married to one of my new co-workers.  I got an email the other day from a woman who knew me and my family when I was growing up.  She had somehow stumbled upon my blog ("the only one I've ever read!").  One of my friends I met through my work at Pro Bono Net who went off to law school is now an intern for one of my beach house friends at the public interest legal project he runs (the Street Vendor Project of the Urban Justice Center).  Finally, while getting dreadfully lost and sweating my ass off trying to find my friends at the Philharmonic last night, somehow managed to bump smack into another lost soul trying to find the same group, even though we were both completely on the wrong part of the Great Lawn.  Crazy stuff. 

So tonight, Chef Adam Perry Lang of Daisy May's BBQ was kind enough to invite me and Jen from Gothamist to an intimate soiree with a pretty impressive guest list including Florence Fabricant, Jean Georges, Jeffrey Steingarten, Zac Posen, and Star Jones, not to mention peach-inspired barbecue and cocktails made with Stoli Persik (there's a peach theme going on).  Can't wait!

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