The Secret is Out
Beach. Fun. Food.


As I was riding the subway to work on Friday morning in a pre-caffeine haze, a woman came up to me.  "Are you Laren?" she asked.  "Yes."  "I thought so.  I read your blog all the time."  Whoa.  I tell ya, that put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.  So Nancy, if you're out there, a big shout-out (between  the pre-caffeinated state and general subway clatter, I'm still only about 95% sure she said "Nancy," so major apologies if I'm wrong).

In other fame news, Gothamist Food was in the New York Times yesterday in a column called Blogs 101.  Thanks to Alizinha for pointing that out!

* A nod to David Bowie.

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