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Nothing Says "I Love the USA" Like a Pig Roast

Making the Blog

(courtesy of Gaping Void)

Very often, when I attend an event, or go on a trip, or have a conversation, someone will ask, "is this going to make the blog?"  For example, I went to a family wedding in DC last weekend, stayed with my friend Christopher, and hung out by his pool with some friends, and until this moment, it never "made the blog."  Why?  It's not because it wasn't a great weekend (it was), or that I didn't take any pictures (I took one or two).  It's because I never really decide exactly what I'm going to write about until I actually sit down and write.  And if my writing takes me in a direction other than a recap of what I've been doing, so be it.  So if you've spent some time with me, or had a conversation with me, and it doesn't "make the blog," remember -- it's nothing personal.

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