Things You Shouldn't Say on a Date

It's the Little Things

If you're a woman reading this, odds are you're wearing the wrong bra size.  Really.  My mom and I went to The Town Shop, legendary for fixing undergarment woes, and we both discovered we were wearing the wrong bra size.  They take one look at you, ask you what size you have on, and then say, "no, sweetie, you should be wearing" (insert size you didn't even imagine you would wear).  The right bra in the right size is an amazing thing -- it's  . . . dare I say it . . . comfortable.  Straps don't slip, wires aren't poking, no need to tug it down.  Absolutely incredible.  Not to mention that my mom treated me to the most gorgeous bra I have ever owned and cute panties to match (thanks, Mom!).  I'm tellin' ya -- between that and the pedicure I got the other day in a glistening, sparkly red color called "After Sex,"  I'm feeling pretty good.  Today it's off to MoMA with my Dad and Bill (who has today off from his job for something called "Brooklyn/Queens Day"), then The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee tonight.  Not quite as sexy, but great fun, nonetheless.

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