Winding Down and Wrapping Up


Today is the first day of two weeks off before I start the new job.  After a great weekend, which included a celebratory glass of prosecco at Otto with the Lovely Miss Katie, a Mets game with Tien and Neil from Gothamist, dinner with Philip and Dennis, my friend Stephen's initiation to Dodgeball, a bike ride (first of the season -- pathetic) with Erika, a drink with Nathan, and dinner at BLT Fish with Rob, I slept late today and am ready to start my week.  I've got some spa treatments, a haircut, various and sundry errands, visits from parents, museums, a play, and shopping for some new clothes (business casual -- any suggestions?) on the agenda.  Mostly, it's just good to have some down time.  I do have some other projects on the plate, one of which I'll discuss later, and one of which is bulking up on Gothamist posts -- I want to have some spares in the hopper in case work gets busy.  Next week I'll be heading to Fire Island for a week, doing my best to unplug and unwind.  I do have one bit of work to finish up for Pro Bono Net (grrrr), but at least I can do it from home . . .

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