Even More Decadence
The Tracks of My Tears

Elvis Alert!

Okay, internet.  I know I'm asking a lot of you.  In addition to sending good karma my way for the hunt, I'm asking another favor.  If you can only handle one, however, the aforementioned good karma is MUCH more important than what I'm about to ask.  I have an extra ticket to see Elvis Costello at the Beacon tonight.  The ticket's a little steep: $80 -- it's in the orchestra), but I'm willing to negotiate.  If you'd like to buy it from me, send me an email and tell me how much you're willing to spend. 

Bltfish_oystersAnd in other news, I ate at the bar (downstairs, not the three-star upstairs) at BLT Fish last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself (although I have to admit, I still think I prefer the fried oysters at Pearl).  Several years ago, I never would have eaten alone.  Now, eating by myself, particularly at the bar rather than a table, is one of my favorite pastimes.  I had my New Yorker out, as did the woman next to me.  We started talking, and then she asked, "are you Laren?"  "Yes," I replied, stunned to be recognized by someone who looked completely unfamiliar to me.  Turns out it was none other than Ms. Maccers!  We chatted away about friends and acquaintances we have in common, she gave me handy tips about performing at WYSIWYG, and eventually she and her dining companion were whisked away to their table upstairs.  I asked her to email me to tell me all about the meal, since it'll probably be a while before I can afford to dine up there, but for now, the bar is just fine.

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