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Decadence and Gluttony

Yep.  That about sums up the weekend.  It began slowly.  I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home from work on Friday night and whipped up a Thai red curry with shrimp and veggies.  Then, things ramped up a bit.  The next morning, as I was washing dishes, my phone rang -- Augie, on the other end, said simply, "I just read about the best pancakes in the city.  We must go get them now."  So I obliged.  I joined Augie and Lauren for an exceptional brunch at the Clinton Street Baking Company, featuring plenty of maple butter drizzled over light and fluffy blueberry pancakes, a divine lobster bisque, and some out-of-this-world huevos rancheros.  Saturday continued later that evening with a Dine in Brooklyn dinner at Minnow with my brother and Sarah, and a late night (or early morning) nibble at the Snack Dragon taco shack (mmm . . . pork tacos). 

decadenceSunday I was awakened by the phone ringing at about 10:45.  Augie.  Again.  "We're going to Prune."  "I can't."  "Why not?"  "I'm broke."  "I'm treating.  We'll be down in 15 minutes."  "Um, okay."  The hour-plus wait was well worth it for what is now my favorite carbonara in the city, peppery and full of parmesan, not to mention the monte cristo and the spicy bloody marys.  To top it off, my afternoon was spent drinking Cristal and caviar (thanks, Alvin!) on a terrace overlooking Washington Square Park.  I rounded out the weekend with the Brazilian Muse's birthday celebration, complete with greek delicacies, an amazing cake (courtesy of La Depressionada), and, of course, cupcakes.

Thankfully, there were a few trips to the gym squeezed in there, along with some late-night dancing to burn at least a little of it off.  This weekend emphasized one thing -- no matter what other random crap I have going on at the moment, my life is definitely good.   Cheers.

PS -- the second society wedding I attended recently just showed up in this Sunday's NYT.  Congrats Jon and Sarah!

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