Looks Like Spring!
Me vs. Them? I Hope Not.


I was talking to a friend yesterday about comfort.  She and I are both going through a job search right now, and the emotional drain that goes along with that is major.  Add to that the grey, dreary weather this past weekend, and you end up seeking comfort.  Thankfully, comfort can be found in so many places -- close friends, a movie that you know will always make you laugh, no matter how many times you've seen it, a song that perks up your mood, a favorite pair of pajamas.  It can be physical -- a yoga class, a hot bath, a long walk, a pedicure.  It can certainly be found in food -- the phrase "comfort food" exists for a reason.  For me, it's generally carb-o-rama: carbonara (mmm), mac & cheese, barbecue, cheeseburgers, soup dumplings -- whatever it is, it's amazing how your body and soul seek it out when you're feeling a little gloomy.  What's your "comfort food," literally or figuratively?

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