The Stars Just Might Be Aligned
Saying Goodbye

The Stars Are Definitely Aligned

KismetshirtFirst of all, I ran into two people I know on the street today -- one on my way to work and one as I was leaving work.  Now granted, I know a lot of people, and hardly a few days can pass by where I don't run into someone I know, but the fun part is that neither one of these two people currently lives in New York.  Amy and Luke -- so glad I ran into you both, if only briefly.

Second of all, I went to a party tonight for members and potential members of the share house in Kismet.  Upon arriving, I met Nikki (pictured at right), who mentioned to me that, strangely enough, she found my blog about a year ago, searching for blogs about 30-something single women Meandnikkiin NYC.  She reads it every day, and one day, her worlds collided -- she noticed that I had written about the very same share house she had visited several weekends before.  I'm tellin' you folks, if you're looking for a share house, Chance is the way to go.  It's being written up in next week's New York Mag, and although I won't be a full share member this summer, at the very least, I'll be a special guest star every now and again.  For photos of my visits to Kismet, click here and here, and for pictures from tonight's party, click here.

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