Six Degrees of Laren
22 Pounds of Lusciousness. Gone.

Monday, Monday*

GenevieveRecovering from a weekend in DC -- I went down for the annual Pro Bono Institute conference.  I had a great time schmoozing and boozing with my Cljfellow pro bono cronies.  Thanks to Carrie, Ian, and Genevieve (the peanut on the left) for hosting cocktails in their room, and thanks to Rochelle for going to the Supreme Court with me (even though we were dreadfully late).  Got to spend time with Christopher (pictured at right), which was lovely, and also was fortunate enough to get some time in with Ryan, who took us to the Curry Club, where we got to chat with the owner.  Saturday was an uBriantterly lazy day, although we did manage to make it to the gym, but the evening wCaitlinas more lively, when Brian (on the left) and Caitlin (on the right) joined us for dinner at Kaz Sushi Bistro for some utterly sublime toro, and then on to 51st State (for the third night in a row) for waaaay too many cocktails.  Thankfully we were able to recover over brunch.  Extra thanks to Brian for schlepping in from Charlottesville and to Christopher for the hospitality.

Today was job hunting, followed by a quick workout and then meeting my oldest (not in age, but in number of years we've known each other) friend Ali at Otto (not pictured -- believe it or not I left my camera home that night and my cameraphone certainly wouldn't have done her justice).  My fridge is full of good food from Fresh Direct, so I'm good to go for the week.  The coffeemaker is loaded and ready to brew at 8:30 a.m.  And now -- bedtime.  I'm pooped.

* Yes, the brain may be fried at the moment, so that's all I could think of, but I've always loved that song.

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