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Is Blogging Good or Bad for Your Career?

There's some question out there about the impact of one's blog on one's career or job search.  Last weekend, the AP ran an article about folks who were fired because of their blogs.  Now let me just say for the record that if you're going to a) pose provocatively in your work uniform, or b) trash your employer on your blog, you probably should have given that some serious thought beforehand. 

As for me, I will always assume that my boss, my family, work colleagues, future employers, and any past, present, or future romantic interests are going to be reading this thing, and I write my content accordingly.   I can't imagine that it anything here would be damaging to any current or future employers, but as someone in the process of a job search, I will admit, I was a bit scared when I heard a story from a law firm recruiting coordinator recently.  She mentioned that her firm had recruited a pack of potential summer associates, and then someone in her recruiting department Googled the candidates and one of them "belonged to this thing called 'blogspot' -- has anyone heard of this?  It's an online personal diary!  Can you believe that?!  Who would put their personal lives up in public like that?!"  So they ended up nixing that particular candidate.

If you Google me, this blog comes up, but then again, so does Gothamist Food, and things I've written for Pro Bono Net.  Blogging is listed on my resume as one of my hobbies.  I don't write anything here particularly personal or racy, and certainly nothing offensive, and I have no intention of giving it up, so I'll take my chances.  In fact, there are some out there that thing that blogging is good in terms of your job.  I have to say, I agree.  Among other things, it is great for keeping the creative juices flowing and helps you make contacts.  Just keep some common sense guidelines, like I do, and everyone should be happy. 

What do you think, gang?

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