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The "Society" Wedding

Me and ErikaSometimes it's a little bittersweet when a very close friend gets married.  There's a lingering fear in the back of your mind that they're going to disappear, that you won't see them quite as much.  Erika, my closest friend from law school (we were even roommates for a year), got married on Sunday, and although the fear I mentioned is in the back of my mind, at the very least it's in the waaay back, hidden behind a great deal of clutter and 80's song lyrics.  I don't think I've seen Erika any less since she started dating Jeremy three years ago, and I've gotten to know him as well.  They're truly happy together, and above all else, that makes me happy.

TrioTheir wedding was a blast.  I've known Erika for about ten years now (gulp), and so I've gotten to know her friends and family over the years.  There were mutual friends from law school I got to catch up with, a great band for dancing (they even played the Clash), excellent food, and even a friend of Jeremy's who I had gone on a few dates with several years ago (yes, he's still cute (and possibly reading this, so I should probably shut up before I embarrass myself)).  And I was a bridesmaid -- Erika was kind enough to save me from typical bridesmaid dress hideousness and give me an elegant, black, cleavage-enhancing number that I will definitely wear again (and by the way, in case you were wondering how the booty-busting went, although I did manage to bust off a bit of the booty, I am currently madly in love with my tailor).  The best coincidence of the evening, however, was the fact that not only were Erika and Jeremy selected to be the featured wedding in next Sunday's New York Times, (Erika and Jeremy, who are not the "high society" types frequently featured, seem to be a little puzzled about how they got selected) but that the reporter covering the wedding was my friend Jennie Tung from the Amalgamates, so I got to hang out with her as well!  I'm looking forward to reading all about it this weekend.

Congratulations Erika and Jeremy!  Hope you're enjoying your honeymoon (they're in New Zealand, so if you have any must see/must do ideas for them, shoot me a note -- they're a little behind on the planning; sort of a "figure it out as they go" kind of honeymoon).

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