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The Ups and Downs of a Week

This week has been strange, to say the least.  There were the highs, like the amazing dinner I had at Hearth (a very generous and thoughtful birthday present from my friend Rob); catching up with my friend Sara at Dos Caminos (she was also sweet enough to bring along a belated birthday present); and a few quiet nights at home to get organized and to relax.  Then there were the lows -- my Grandma Jane passed away.  She died fairly quickly, peacefully, and without pain, and she had lived a very long life close to her friends and family.   She loved to complain about George W. ("what a moron"), correspond with friends she made and kept over the years across the globe, talk about her travels, read the New York Times ("keeps me up on the hustle and bustle of New York"), and even managed to go online every day to read Le Monde in French.   We'll miss her very much.  When I talked to my mom last night, she pointed out that I no longer have any living grandparents.  For a brief moment, I felt very empty -- at one point I had four grandmothers and one grandfather (the beauty of remarriage).  She then added that I still have plenty of parents (two sets, in fact); the moment passed.

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