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Playing With Your Food

Slow Down, You're Movin' Too Fast*

I'm actually listening to my body.  For a change.  It's telling me that it's exhausted and gave me a good dose of what turned out not to be the flu, but was actually strep throat.  Yippee!  So, I'm on antibiotics, etc. and am taking it easy.  Waaaay easy.  And don't worry -- I'm not contagious anymore.

I used to get strep about once a semester in college, usually during some period of time when I was running myself ragged, so it doesn't really surprise me that much that I was hit with it now.  I'm not necessarily running around that much from a physical standpoint, but I am trying to do many things at once in my life right now, and I think it's a bit much for me.  So, I'm stepping back, slowing down a bit, getting sleep, eating right, and generally laying low, at least until my energy level is back to normal.  After that, I still need to stay cautious -- I have a tendency to want to do everything.  And I can't.  And although that frustrates the hell out of me sometimes, I've just got to deal with it.  Harrumph.

* A nod to Simon and Garfunkel

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