The Ups and Downs of a Week

Show Me the Power of the Interweb

I know that people in law firms are reading this -- now get out there, talk to your managing partners and pro bono folks, and tell them this:

Pro bono has a significant impact on a law firm’s bottom line – the most successful law firms in the country have strong pro bono programs, which give them a competitive edge in recruiting, retention, and even client development.  Increasingly, large law firms are finding that one of the most effective ways to handle their pro bono programs is to hire a full-time pro bono coordinator, whose primary job responsibility is to run your firm’s program efficiently and smoothly.  A pro bono coordinator can take administrative functions out of the hands of partners and other attorneys, freeing them to bill their valuable time to clients and pro bono matters.  Such a coordinator can illustrate your commitment to pro bono to the community at large and can maximize your firm’s impact on clients who need pro bono legal help.

And then tell them that you know the perfect person for that job.

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