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Rants o' Mine, Take Three

NanukSo why is it that people feel the need to stand directly in front of the subway doors when they have no intention whatsoever to get off the train?  Okay, I understand that sometimes, the trains are very crowded and there's nowhere else to go, but I'm talking about the times when it's not that crowded and there's plenty of room to move towards the center of the car.  At the very least, when you see that there are people, like me for example, trying to board the train, you could at least turn sideways, or move slightly out of the way instead of just standing there impeding my progress.  C'mon folks, move to the center of the car unless you plan to get off.  Not that difficult.

And on an unrelated (yet still ranting) note -- it's so fucking cold!!!!  Ack!  I've been wearing my puffy coat with its furry hood over my dorky ear-flap hat.  Very sexy.

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