Rants o' Mine, Take Three

Food Field Trips

On days when I'm out of the office all day, I like to use the opportunity as a way to eat lunch either somewhere new or somewhere I can't usually  eat because it's nowhere near my office.  For example, last year, when I was stationed at the Legal Tech conference all day, I visited one of the Daisy May's chili carts for the first time.  Friday, I was at a continuing legal education training at 22nd and Park, and we were on our own for lunch.  During the morning training session I tried to figure out what I would be eating, and then it hit me.  I was close to Bao Noodles, and although we might not have time to sit and eat, we would certainly have time to get banh mi sandwiches to take out and bring back.  Perfect.  I enlisted my friend Kwanza from the City Bar to come along with me.  We made our pilgrimage, and returned just in time for the start of the afternoon sessions.  Their banh mi sandwiches are delicious, with grilled pork, spicy mayo, and pickled vegetables all on a toasted baguette, but at $6.95 they're certainly more expensive than their Chinatown counterparts.

The rest of the day continued on a very positive food note as well.  Dinner was a trip to Una Pizza Napoletana, followed by wine at Bellavitae, a new spot right in the hood on Minetta Lane that I'd like to check out when I haven't just eaten -- their simple, Italian menu seems to have been prepared with extreme care to highlight their high-quality ingredients, and the atmosphere was cozy and warm on a cold winter night.

During dinner, I got an automated phone call telling me that my flight to Maine on Saturday had been cancelled.  I was supposed to go up for a small memorial service for my grandmother, but the blizzard got in the way.  We're having another memorial here in New York in March, though.  The blizzard did provide me with an amazing opportunity, however.  More on that later . . .

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