The Plague, Part Trois
Slow Down, You're Movin' Too Fast*

Back in the Land of the Living. Kind of.

I seem to be on the upswing from my bout with the flu.  Yesterday morning I awoke to find that I didn't have a fever for the first time since Sunday night, which was good.  Although I allowed myself to sleep late, I was going stir-crazy from being in my studio apartment for two days, so I ventured back out into the big bad world.  It went fine, but even after a mere afternoon of work I was pretty damn pooped.  I retreated to the couch this evening.

Last night, I did a little catching up on blogs.  You know I'm pretty sick when a) I have no appetite and b) I barely get on the internet.  Yeah, I checked some email here and there, and even managed to squeak out a Gothamist Food post or two despite my feverish brain, but I had a great deal of catching up to do.  Still do, as a matter of fact.  One thing that caught my eye was this article in the Observer about the increasing popularity of egg-freezing among NYC women in their mid-to-late thirties that I spotted via Gawker.  Now granted, given my age, every now and again I find myself in that panic mode:  Even if I met someone tomorrow, fell in love, dated him for a respectable time, and got married, it might still be somewhat late for me to give birth to my own child without a little scientific tweaking.  And although I think I'd like to have a child at some point, I'm certainly in no rush to have one on my own.  Hell, I still have trouble taking care of myself.  But it has never, and I mean never crossed my mind to freeze my eggs so that I can increase the odds of having a biological child down the road. 

Look, whenever it so happens that I meet the guy, whomever he is, having a family will happen, and only time will tell whether it will be through biology, biology with a tweak of science, or through adoption, but the end result will be the same -- we will be a family, and that's what I really want in the end.

Pretty heady stuff for the first day out of the flu, n'est-ce pas?

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