A Year Through My Lens, Part 2

A New Year, A New Beginning

Despite a bit of rockiness at the end of the year, 2004 ended well and is already off to a good beginning.  My New Year's Eve itself was great -- John and Katie (from the beach house) cooked a fabulous and festive meal and pulled together a fun group of people and then we rang in the new year at a party in a gorgeous and palatial apartment on the Upper West Side.  New Year's Day was spent at Nic's for a leisurely brunch, followed by a walk to Bed and Bath (for a new shower curtain) and dinner and movies at Augie and Lauren's.  All in all a lazy, relaxing day spent in good company eating gargantuan amounts of macaroni and cheese (resolutions do not start on New Year's Day).  You can see the pictures here.

And here's a special calendar picture, just for the New Year!  More to come.


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