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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted . . .*

Today is my first official day of a two-week vacation.  "Where are you going?" you might ask.  "Nowhere," I'll reply.  It's two weeks in NYC -- time to do all those things I threaten to do all the time but never quite get around to as much as I'd like: go to museums, movies, possibly the Botanical Garden; and catch up on other things, like seeing friends, holiday shopping, home improvement projects, uploading photos, reading, and writing.  I started off the vacation sleeping until 11:00 AM -- staying out past 4 AM two nights this weekend apparently sapped some of my energy. 

Friday started with Slice on Ice -- this month's Slice pizza club trip to Angelo's on 57th Street, followed by ice skating at Wollman rink.  Tien was fiddling with my camera settings, so many of my pictures are a little, uh, artsy, but I like the festive quality of this one:


Adam raffled off a few prizes, and although I didn't win, I got my very own Slice button, which I love (Thanks, Adam!). 

Adamraffle Slicebutton

Due to some unfortunate Zamboni timing, I ended up opting out of skating, and heading to my friend Luke's party.  It was one of those parties where I didn't know anyone except for the host, but he did a great job of introducing me around, and I met some very nice people and talked at length about some of my favorite topics:  food, travel, and the bizzare nature of dating in NYC.  Speaking of which -- did everyone see the article in the NYT magazine about sex and blogging, Your Blog or Mine?  More on that later, but it featured Deb from Smitten, one of my favorite reads.  After the party (and this was about 2:30 AM), I got a Dodgeball message from my friend Scott.  Last time I saw him, for his birthday pig roast, I had the beginning of the plague part 1, and we didn't really get to catch up.  So off I went to meet him. 

Saturday, after sleeping quite late, I spent some time with my mom, and then went off to my cooking class at the Institute for Culinary Education.  There will be much more on that later, as I'm writing up the experience for Gothamist Food.  Let's just say that it was a pork-filled blast.  Then, on to Emily's holiday party, where we stayed until she kicked us out at about 3:00 AM.  Needless to say, yesterday was a bit of a wash, but I met my friend Eric and his family for a beautiful holiday concert at Riverside Church.  I have to admit that I've always loved Christmas carols.  (Pork and Christmas carols?  Bad Jew!  Oy.)

And now, vacation.  Ahhhh.  Well, it's lovely except for the fact that NPR just told me that it feels like 1 degree out.  Maybe I'll stick with the home improvement projects today . . .

* A tribute to the Go-Go's.  Yes, I'm perpetually stuck in the eighties.

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