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The Plague, Part Deux

So it's back to the flannel pj's for me.  Even though I was just sick last week, apparently I didn't kick the bug all the way.  After spending most of yesterday afternoon blowing my nose (thank God for those lotion-y tissues, or my red nose would be in even worse shape than it currently is), I took to the couch, accompanied by even more tissues, Airborne, and a few DVD's.  I slept like crap last night, and am still blowing my nose every five seconds, so I'm working from home instead of subjecting my co-workers to my snot-ridden self.  I'm going to have to go out at some point for more tissues -- damn, I miss Kozmo.com on days like this.  At least I have some soup (pho this time) left over from last night.

Before I left work yesterday, my friend Rob and I had a little IM conversation about my being sick again. 

Me: I have the plague again.
Rob: I thought they eradicated that.  How'd you get it?  Did you kiss a rat?
Me: I've kissed many a rat in my day.
Me: See, even despite the plague, my sense of humor is still intact.
Rob: If you can't laugh in these situations, when can you laugh, really?


* Note -- this is slightly paraphrased, as the real IM log is on my work computer.

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