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ABC's of my Weekend: Art, Burgers, and Crudo

I love how I've gotten into this ridiculous habit of "catching up" on my weekend activities sometime mid-week.  I'll throw in some of this week too, just as an extra added bonus. 

After recovering from my cold among other things, I was ready for a fairly mellow weekend, so I started off with a visit to the new MoMa with Bill, Sarah, Katie, Romy, Carrie, and John.  It's free on Fridays -- $20 is a tad pricy for a museum, even a newly-renovated one here in NYC -- and although it was a little crowded, it's a great way to unwind on a Friday night.  We only got to see a fraction of the art, but the new building itself was worth the trip.  But since I'm rarely in midtown, I was originally at a bit of a loss as to where to go for dinner afterwards, until it hit me -- the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien hotel.  Made for a perfect high culture/low culture evening, and great for the budget.

127_2714_r1The next day was my good friend Erika's bridal shower.  As she well knows, I am not much of a fan of bridal showers, for about a million reasons, so the fact that I went is a testament to how much her friendship means to me.  But you can't spend any quality time with a friend during a bridal shower, so we made plans to go out to dinner later that evening.  She was so proud that she could take me to Bar Tonno -- she had gone there before I did, and she knew it would impress her favorite foodie.  And she was right.  I'll be reviewing it later tonight for Gothamist Food (I also wrote up the Burger Joint); not only was the crudo (sort of like Italian sushi) fresh and light, which balanced out the huge brunch we had eaten earlier, but we sat right by the sous chef, who had a great Australian accent, a nifty hairdo, and was flirting with me, to boot!

Sunday I went with Mom, Rob and David to the 10th foodie -- this time, a regional Italian tasting.  As usual, a great time was had by all.

Last night I got to see a free advance screening of the Life Aquatic -- it was fantastic -- funny, heartwarming, quirky.  Go see it when it opens this weekend.  Tonight's my designated night in -- I was finally able to replace the DVD player that died in the night of the grand tofu-roach-DVD disaster, so I may watch a movie, but first, must eat the turkey pot pie that my dad thoughtfully made after Thanksgiving (it's been hiding out in my freezer), and I've got a review to write, along with some additional posts.  Turns out it's been a shitty work week for some of my columnists (myself included), so I've got to do some extra stuff this week, which also explains my sporadic posting here.  Sorry gang.  And I won't even go into how behind I am on posting pictures . . . Ack!

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