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123_2371_r1Back from a completely relaxing weekend in Kismet. Not as many pictures, or as many people as last time, but once again, I am so happy that I got a chance to escape a bit this weekend. I even got in a beach day -- yes, the weather cooperated enough for us to have a beach day in October. Fantastic. I met a new batch of people, who were all interesting, smart, fun, and had a shared passion for food. We had several amazing feasts, including a squash, chestnut, bacon and sage risotto that was perfect for fall, and a leg of lamb, infused with garlic, thyme, and rosemary, done on the rotisserie (damn, I need one of those), and talked everything from politics to our first music purchases (for the record, my first two 45's were "I Will Survive" and "We Are Family"). Strangely enough, the five of us had a number of "NYC small world" coincidences, including sharing former employers, knowing various people in common, and being kick-ass Scrabble players. Oh wait, that wasn't me. Argh. Note to self -- must improve vocabulary before next Scrabble tournament.

Thanks to John for being an extraordinarily welcoming host -- for giving me a ride and letting me stray in, even as an "outsider," and he gets extra bonus points for introducing me to my new favorite cocktail, the sidecar, which I believe is long overdue for a comeback. It was wonderful to meet you as well, Jenn, Jay & Katie -- hope to meet up with you soon, perhaps at my neighborhood joint.

You can see the photos here. I particularly like the fact that I was able to capture one of the alien deer that lurk about the island (yes, I know it's the flash, but humor me, dammit):


* A tribute, of course, to my boy Elvis. Costello, that is.

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