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Ah . . . Fall


So last weekend was our 8th annual OJ, and like others before it, this one was filled with friends, food, wine, and junior high potty humor.  Unlike past years, however, we were in a super-duper-kickass house in Vermont, thanks to the hard work of our man Sco.  We all plan to chip in so that we can ultimately buy it. 

Highlights included:

  • Leg of lamb stuffed with wild mushrooms and greens and "OJ Potatoes" by John (and his assistants, for when he was, um, indisposed)
  • Delicious desserts by Doug, including deep dish apple pie with a cheddar crumb crust, strawberry struessel cake, and pumpkin spice cake shaped like a pumpkin123_2391_r1
  • Squash risotto adapted from this dreamy fall recipe (in veggie and decidedly non-veggie, i.e., with bacon, versions) by yours truly (thanks to Katie from the beach house for this one)
  • bacon with just about every meal
  • wine, wine, and more wine
  • soup, soup, and more soup
  • beautiful foliage
  • punkins!
  • "look at the pretty!"
  • "Lever 2000 Fuckface - ask for it by name"
    and, of course,
    "P.S. -- doody." 

    You can find the pictures here.

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