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A Sweet and Healthy New Year

Whew. Lately I've been feeling like I'm incredibly busy, yet I have nothing much to show for it. What the hell have I been doing, and why am I so damn exhausted? Well, let's see. Work is heating back up. I'm trying to clean up my financial act a bit, with the long-term goal of possibly buying a home somewhere (gasp! well, we'll see . . .), by cooking more and eating out less without cramping my social life, quitting one gym and joining another, and switching around some of my band accounts to eliminate the constant gouging by ATM fees. I've been running from hither to yon -- to DC for work this week and another business trip to Rochester (where I MUST visit Dinosaur BBQ this time to see what we're in for here in NYC) at the end of the month. Over the next month or so, each weekend brings a wedding or event, often involving travel (and certainly not helping my financial situation any -- I may actually break down and take the Chinatown bus for the first time ever). Of course, these are all fun events that I'm looking forward to attending, so I can't really complain.

Gothamist Food continues to go well, and my quest for good, cheap food continues to go quite well. Go take a look if you want to see the latest finds. And on another food-related note, I'm heading to my second Foodie on Sunday -- I've been looking forward to it since the last one.

Regardless, today is the beginning of the New Year, at least for us Jew-y types. I'm celebrating in a somewhat non-traditional fashion by getting my shit in order -- paying bills, cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, etc. It's pretty much in the spirit of the holiday -- the idea is to get your spiritual house in order so that you can start off the year with a clean spiritual slate, so to speak. Later, I'll be joining a friend and her family for some wine, and then having my brother and his girlfriend over for a decidedly non-Jewish, Cuban-style dinner of pork chops, rice and beans, and plaintains. Never fear, we'll serve apples and honey in a nod to our heritage. It's good to have a day to yourself before starting the new year -- and I also had the time to make homemade pizza for lunch, which came out with the thinnest, crispiest crust I've managed to create yet! Woo hoo!


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