It's a Small World After All
I've Been Outed

Why Doesn't Verizon Have This?!

Via Cell, Help's on the Way for Bad Dates -- Lord knows I would have used this at least one or two times in the past . . .

When the cell rings, one of Cingular's eight "emergency" messages says: "Hey, this is your Escape-A-Date call. If you're looking for an excuse, I got it. Just repeat after me, and you'll be on your way! 'Not again! Why does that always happen to you? ... All right, I'll be right there.' Now tell 'em that your roommate got locked out, and you have to go let them in. Good luck!" And bingo, the bad date is history.
Note: I wouldn't actually use this -- part of dating, at least in New York, is learning how to a) suck it up; b) leave politely if you're miserable; c) escape quickly using your own skill and creativity. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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